October Double-header! Two new useful apps!

I finally got a Redpark serial cable, and the Get Console app, and it's almost everything I wanted to make my iPad a quick tool for accessing all sorts of serial consoles!

But, I also finally found the Blogger app, which will make it easier to update my blog when I've got stuff to say. AND, I'll be able to do it from my older, pre-3g iPhone! Thank you Google!

The Blogger app also pointed out that I had yet to actually publish a couple older blog articles! That was easy to fix! Now I can get back to testing the Get Console app and the Redpark cable.

UPDATE, Spring 2012: The Get Console app has been handy on the iPad, and the Redpark cable has been reliable, so far. However, I've run into bluetooth reliability issues when using the Zagg keyboard with the iPad. When the keyboard is working, this threesome is a GREAT combination for field work.