Happy 2017!

I didn't realize that I'd left this blog fallow for a couple years! I'm still supporting console info, but I lost my old server (used for posting my web pages, although I still have my development server). It was the domain which was lost at the same time, which was the undoing of mirrors, including the primary at Conserver.com. I've been unable to rebuild that bridge.

I have replicated my repository on a new server, but that server doesn't support server-side includes for security reasons. My pages relied on that feature for page stats and for header and footer info. And I've been to lazy/preoccupied to go manually apply static header and footer into to all the pages. (Part of me had hoped to restore is back they way it was. And then I let myself get busy with other projects, and here we are in the beginning of 2017...)

While I've continued to track new servers, and the changes in the console server industry, there hasn't been any groundshaking news which might have triggered more posts. I've also been hacking with Arduino projects for the past few years as well. And now I find myself at a point where I'm considering a pivot...

I enjoy your emails with questions about something that you haven't been able to find on my web pages or elsewhere. But I'm not going to make any ad revenue off of my web pages. I've considered writing a book, or an ebook, but I can't see much of a market for that. And I realize that I was mainly working on the web pages because I liked new puzzles (the pages answer the easy questions, and then your emails brought me new puzzles).

I'm now looking at an intersection of a couple hobbies. Ham radio (primarily APRS and weather reporting), plus Arduino, having serial communications as a common link. But I don't think I can get many articles annually about APRS and weather. (But, given the storms in the past few months, maybe weather is going to generate more articles than I expect.)

Time will tell, but perhaps this blog will start pointing more towards Arduino in the months ahead. It's a creative outlet for me, and may generate more articles. I'll still field the serial questions, and post interesting new features as I come across them.

Please try to make 2017 a better year, especially where politics and your relationships with friends and family. Last year was rough on many, and this year may be rougher on others. I hope you will join me in trying to be more compassionate, and a better listener, and willing to speak up when your voice is needed to intervene or to support, for the betterment of the many.