Kudos to the Cyclades folks

Their product was developed across three continents, and sometimes you could find grammatical errors in their on-line tech notes (perhaps because the authors first language was not English?), but I have not found any techical errors in the command-line instructions of the older files.

To be honest, I occassionally took some liberties, trying to optimize the steps that they had outlined. But, if things didn't work the way I expected, I have always had success when I did it exactly the way they typed it.

As someone who owns and operates on a bunch of older Cyclades gear, I'm very thankful that Avocent has retained the old Cyclades files at http://global.cyclades.com. Access to the old information has proven to be invaluable for upgrading older units to newer code.

And, as a fan of documentation (see my Console Connection Guides...), I tip my hats to those who made sure that the original instructions were spot-on correct, every time! Thanks, folks! I hope the Avocent team will follow well in your footsteps.


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