Bluetooth console adapters, short time only

I thought I had mentioned these before, but I can't find them by keywords, so here we go.

If you know about the BlueConsole2 bluetooth serial adapters, and you wanted to buy any, order them NOW, since the manufacturer is closing his doors this month (JAN 2008). The ordering page on his site is already closed, but he still has stock, and is trying to make deals to move the last few hundred.

I waited 6 months, trying to get someone else to buy them, so I could try them. OK, now I'm the guy that bought them. They are a bit pricey, but the are clearly the best implementation in this niche product space.

I'm using mine with the TriDone TriConnect software on my Palm Treo 650. The free version of the software throws an extra carriage return (so I'll probably upgrade to the Pro version), but it's a great console with scrollback for watching a device start up, and doing some CLI configuration.)

There are plenty of times where I don't have a laptop handy when I might want one. This tool is an investment in my time. When I need a terminal quickly, unplanned, I'll be able to use the Treo and the BlueConsole.

If you want to save your time, then don't waste any time. Get yours today, and save yourself the prie of trying to buy one on ebay later.



Rusty H said...

Sure wish I had known about this earlier... :-( Bought one a few months ago and like it a lot!!

Alas, mine only one has gotten into a funky state that won't permit the '///' escape to command mode. Some how it got stuck at 57K6-bps -- still passes data but my device it's attached to needs 9600.

Guess I'll wait for 'em to appear on eBay.

Techputing said...

I realize that this post is very old, but I wanted to know if you knew of any place that I could get the BlueConsole2.

Thanks, Ryan Burtch

Techputing said...
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Zonker said...

Sadly, the are well and truly gone. To the best of my knowledge, they sold the last built units, case parts and radio bits to someone early in 2009. It was my hope that they might carry on, and build more, but I've heard nothing to that end.

I still have my trusty handful, and I use them with an ASUS netbook, and an older 17" MacBook.

With the iPad, I've had good success with the Get-Console cable and application. (Redpark is also trying to help Arduino developers make iPad apps that can leverage the Get-Console cables.)