Big News! SSH clients for iPhone!

I haven't had any 'big news' on the console front for a couple months now. I have been missing my BlueConsole adapters (which I've blogged about before), and SSH access from my iPhone, BUT that has changed!

New in the Apple Apps Store are four SSH applications (use the search dialogue, look for "ssh"...). I've already bought two to try, and one has already met my most common needs. In a nutshell, here are the four I found, with URLs to the maker's websites, in case you want to do your own homework on the topic.

TouchTerm http://www.jbrink.net/touchterm/index.html $2.99 This one looks pretty good, from the online docs. There is only basic information on the maker's home page, BUT, check the SUPPORT page! Key Exchange, font colors, different input modes (immediate, batch, command history). The developer offers an email address for comments and suggestions. This looks like a good pick!

pTerm http://www.instantcocoa.com/products/pTerm/ $4.99 This maker also lists an email address, as well as a Google discussion group. The web page posts a short-term development schedule. They also boast that this app is based on PuTTY, and I'm a big PuTTY fan (but I understand that this app is only scratching the surface on features). I've sent email to the developer with my wants, and I already received a positive reply. He is also willing to work on the bluetooth-serial-devices interfacing as well.

iSSH http://www.zinger-soft.com/iSSH_features.html $4.99 This one also looks good. The main web page is odd... there are small, light-grey arrows under a few of the descriptions...they indicate that there are additional items at this menu level of the web page. Clicking on them will show you the other topics. This one also supports shared keys, but doesn't seem as flexible (to me, yet), as TouchTerm.

SSH http://www.throughput.biz/ $3.99 This looks simple, and it word-wraps the screen. There is little information on the maker's homepage. I'm currently not inclined to try it.

So, with this in mind, I have bought the first two (TouchTerm and pTerm), and I'm spending my efforts to put TouchTerm through it's paces first, because pTerm doesn't have RSA/DSA keys yet (though keys are on the short-range list for new features, so I'll be giving them both a good workout in September). I was able to set up a basic profile, with screen and font colors, RSA-2048 key, emailed the key to another host, so I could place the key, and use the session. It will take a bit of getting used to, since I'll need to leave the fonts a bit larger, and pan around the screen (using mutt was kinda awkward, but that won't be my primary use of SSH). I like it so far, and I hope to be able to put my BlueConsole adapters back into service sometime in the near future.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy some vacation this summer as well.


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Thank you for the sharing...really help for me to choose iphone ssh client