Dell R6xx, 7xx series servers (iDRAC and Console)

Here are two clues that will help you plan for installing the new Dell server families.

They seem to be great servers... lots of capacity for RAM, lots of CPU strength, and I love the rack mounting rail system. I also like the iDRAC service processors.

What's not to like? The back of the chassis is too thick (or the DE9 console port is recessed too far). Either way, most of the serial console adapters (DE9 to RJ45) won't fit well, and provide reliable connections, unless you grind down the cases of the adapters. And, since the adapter vendors don't offer to sell you a "trimmed" version, that job is going to cost you extra, somehow. Hey, maybe we can get the intern to do it? ;-)

I'm *really* glad that the serial consoles are still on the back of the servers, but if you are going to put them there, it seems to me that making the serial adapters fit should be part of the plan to have them on the server.

The one adapter I've found that works on the R620 series servers is from Cyclades (ADB0036). Yes, you can still get them from CDW. Fortunately, our latest batch went into racks with Cyclades TS2000. But, I did need to modify SO MANY of the Lantronix adapters that I made a custom jig for a Dremel router, to get consistent results.

Clue number two: On the R620, ttyS0 goes tot he iDRAC, and ttyS1 goes to the DE9 on the rear of the server. You will need to start an agetty for BOTH of these, if you want to be able to use both of them.

My other big projects are nearly done, and I plan to post much more often this summer. Thanks for reading.

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